Little Umbrella Academy Things

Just the little things we all love about
The Umbrella Academy,
Gabriel Ba
and Gerard Way.

launch-your-assault replied to your photo

Did disney really sue for that? I couldn’t find anything about it. Or is this a joke, and I’m very stupid? lol

They were going to use a Mickey look-alike, but then they knew Disney would have, as Scott Allie said, ‘sued them into Oblivion’ :)

I’m baaaaaaaaaccccckkk!

Sorry for the Hiatus, I’ve been a bit busy with school and such.
But now, I’m back! (for a little while, anyway)
So! To get this blog up and running again, I’m going to need some fresh, new ideas for posts, polls, fun stuff and…well, all that.

You guys know the drill, submit/inbox me ANY ideas you have!

OH! And the next week or two, I want you guys to send me your comic-con cosplays! It can be TUA related or not, I just want to see some nerds dressing up!! :)
 I’ll post them here and we can vote for the best/most original and stuff if you guys would like! (I just want to see your awesome costumes)

Love you all dearly, hope you’re doing well!

Til tomorrow, my apocalypse suitehearts, I bid you adeu